Fake ID Education Module

A common question people have asked us is, “Does your system detect fake ID's?” The short answer is no, but it will detect an expired ID.

I was never happy with this answer, as no system detects fake ID’s, but we have felt like we were coming up short.  

So, we undertook a research project and discovered there was something we could do to help retailers increase their risk reduction program in this area.

We found that counterfeit ID detection remains a problem even for the most skilled investigators. To meet this challenge, Minor Decliner now offers enhanced risk reduction via our OPTIONAL Fake ID education module. 

A common feature to verify an ID is to review the UV pattern on the ID. To do this, you need a UV light and the model of what the UV pattern should look like.

We give you both of these tools and a quick start guide to train your staff. 

With our Fake ID education module, you will receive the industry leading KEESING Document Checker along with a UV flash light. This authoritative document is used by agencies worldwide as the gold standard for verifying authentic ID's. 

With these tools and minimal training, you will be able to confidently educate your staff check the security features of all U.S. ID's, and quickly check and verify the invisible UV features on the ID. 

In addition, you can also use the UV flashlight to check for the security ribbon in U.S. currency. 

This adds an additional layer of protection to your business and shows any compliance authorities that you are serious about age verification and fake ID detection. 

What you get: 

-- The Kessing Document Checker guide 

-- A bright UV flashlight (only use the UV flashlight on the ID’s - never point at eyes or face)

 -- A quick start laminated training guide