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Customized Enterprise Level Solutions

Minor Decliner offers a customized set of adaptations to support your enterprise-level age verification needs.

Minor Decliner is your one stop solution providing rock solid and industry proven age verification technology for your enterprise.
Examples of our solutions for the enterprise include:

  • NACS (National Association of Convenience stores) TruAge™ protocol
  • ARAC™ - Age-Restricted Access Control™
  • Embed Minor Decliner software in your device via Software Bridge SDK / API

NACS (National Association of Convenience stores) TruAge™ Protocol

MinorDecliner™ is the first in the US to develop and implement the NACS (National Association of Convenience stores) TruAge™ protocol.

MinorDecliner™ is on the leading-edge of age verification in the US. We are future-ready, providing a ready platform for digital identity tokens, digital driver's licenses, and purchase limits of age-restricted items.

NACS TruAge™ protocol requires an internet connection and can be a wired plugin, WIFI, or cellular wireless connection MinorDecliner™ can provide a cellular modem to support this protocol.

ARAC™ - Age-Restricted Access Control™

The Minor Decliner age-restricted Door Access Control System™ (ARAC)™ is the most advanced automatic age verification system explicitly designed to analyze the age, based on a driver's license or ID scan, then to send a visual, audible, and electronic signals to view, alert, and control age-restricted entry.

MinorDecliners™ innovation in Age-Restricted Access Control™ allows establishments to implement access to semi-attended gaming areas inside of bars, restaurants, and convenience stores.

This is a growing industry and a large growing profit center for those establishments and screens to ensure underage do not gain access to those areas. This system has been proven and refined in over 40 field installations.

This can also be used to provide pre-entry age checks to an age-restricted area, like entry to a vape shop. You can now fully enforce statutes where under 21 is not permitted on-premise to prevent underage from entering.