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Why Minor Decliner?

MinorDecliner™ is simple to use and easy to train. The system allows for fast scanning of State-issued IDs and Drivers Licenses for reliable data entry.

We read the 2D PDF417 Barcode in all 50 states and give fast, audible, and visible "Sale or No Sale" results.

We detect expired IDs and underage consumers with the MinorDecliner™ system. This is the ideal product to increase your employees' efficiency, help check IDs properly, and reduce the "human error" factor.

We support multiple scanners on the same tablet, ensuring various check-out stations can share one tablet, reducing implementation costs at the store level.

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Our Mission is Your Business!

Our mission is to provide the most robust, advanced, and easy-to-use age verification systems and technology.

  • Our vision is to eliminate sales and access of age-restricted products to minors to protect businesses.
  • We address a critical need to provide an easy-to-use age verification solution to prevent sales of age-restricted products to minors.
  • We protect retailers from ever increasing penalties and enforcement.

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