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ID Scanner for Age Verification - Service & Support

$166.00 $621.00

We are here for you.

MinorDecliner™ offers support to answer any ID scanning questions and resolve issues.

We know how important it is to eliminate the risk of selling to a minor within your business, which is why our team is here to help you set up your system and make sure it's working correctly.

We include a 1-year warranty on the hardware and system operation. This service does not cover drops or physical damage to the hardware, or software updates.

We also offer 1-year enhanced service program.

This includes:

  1. Remote troubleshooting
  2. Software updates – if needed
  3. Remote software update capability (internet connection required – wired or wifi)
  4. Enhanced tablet control via a kiosk mode. This locks the tablet to the single Minor Decliner application

This is highly recommended for this product. This is 1 annual payment of $120, per system and is only available with the purchase of a new system. Renewal is 1 year from your purchase date.

Common Questions

Does Minor Decliner detect fake IDs?

While it is difficult to forensically analyze all 25 security features on an ID, Minor Decliner has several tools in their systems that can help increase confidence in determining an IDs validity. Implemented tools include the Intelligent Fake Detection system, and the Keesing Documentchecker.Click hereto learn more about fake ID detection

Are there any ongoing costs with the ID Scanner?

For all essential ID Scanners, there are no ongoing costs! For ID Scanners with the enhanced services program, estimates for ongoing costs are provided at checkout.

Does Minor Decliner require setup?

Minor Decliner is simple to use with no setup required. With less than 5 minutes of training needed to understand your new device, simply take it out of the box and it's ready to go!

What is the Minor Decliner Intelligent Fake Detection system?

While technology is a powerful tool, we shouldn't forget the intelligence and intuition of humans! The Intelligent Fake Detection system is a list of questions retailers can ask when verifying an ID if there are any suspicions about the ID holder. Including questions like "what is your Zodiac sign",click hereto learn more about our Intelligent Fake Detection system.

Does Minor Decliner scan passports and military ID's?

The US Government prohibits using Military ID for non-Government uses, including as ID for an age restricted purchase.

The scanning of the technologies (to include barcodes) on Department of Defense ID cards is for U.S. government use only. The information is marked for official use only.

Not only is it unwise to photocopy military and government IDs or common access cards (CAC), it's actually illegal under Title 18, U.S. Code Part I, Chapter 33, Section 701, and is punishable by fine and imprisonment.

While other companies may claim to offer this feature, Minor Decliner is not going to run afoul of the Department of Defense and the US Government. Be very careful if someone says they can scan Military IDs. You may be exposing yourself and your company to big problems.