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ID Scanner for Age Verification - Service & Support

$ 120.00 $ 450.00

We are here for you.

MinorDecliner™ offers support to answer any ID scanning questions and resolve issues.

We know how important it is to eliminate the risk of selling to a minor within your business, which is why our team is here to help you set up your system and make sure it's working correctly.

We include a 1-year warranty on the hardware and system operation. This service does not cover drops or physical damage to the hardware, or software updates.

We also offer 1-year enhanced service program.

This includes:

  1. Remote troubleshooting
  2. Software updates – if needed
  3. Remote software update capability (internet connection required – wired or wifi)
  4. Enhanced tablet control via a kiosk mode. This locks the tablet to the single Minor Decliner application

This is highly recommended for this product. This is 1 annual payment of $120, per system and is only available with the purchase of a new system. Renewal is 1 year from your purchase date.