Your Guide To We Card: What It Is and How To Use It

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Locating the date of birth on a license, quickly calculating the age and returning the card to the customer in a timely manner can be difficult for most employees.

All too often this strategy of verifying a customer’s age when purchasing alcohol or tobacco leads to miscalculations, allowing minors to illegally purchase from your store.

We Card is a popular option you can use to train your staff and marginally decrease the chances that they make a calculation mistake (and open yourself up to the harsh consequences that come from a penalty for selling to a minor).

Now, unlike guarantee of an age verification scanner, any manual process you use won’t be foolproof.

But with that said, it’s important to have an understanding of how We Card can help your employees, and how to get your staff trained and compliant.

Bonus: We Card Resource Summary

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Below is an overview of their process.

We Card Option 1: Training Courses

We Card offers employee and manager training courses that teach retail employees how to spot a minor’s ID in a consistent manner.

They offer three different training courses: the Employee Training Course, Refresher Training Course, and the Manager Training Course.

While they are all beneficial and aid in developing a plan to efficiently check a customer’s ID, it’s important to have an understanding of each one so that you can have your employees sign up for the course that is most suitable for their specific needs if you decide to go this route.

The Employee Training Course

This is the most popular training course offered by We Card. The training educates retail employees in an in-depth manner on the FDA requirements of retailers, including FDA rules on regulated products, FDA fines and penalties, and the “under 27” carding requirement.

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This employee training course also goes into depth on specific state law requirements on age-restricted products.

In the end, employees will need to pass a quiz in order to earn their certificate of completion, so you will know your employees are ready.

Upon completion, they’ll know how to successfully check a customer’s ID card, properly refuse a sale and calmly deal with angry customers.

The Refresher Training Course

The description of this training course is in the title. In essence, it’s simply a way to refresh an employee’s knowledge of ID checking procedures.

The Employee Training Course is actually a prerequisite to this course, so initially, your employees will need to complete that one before moving onto additional courses, such as the Refresher Training Course.

However, this training is designed for retail employees to periodically go through to ensure they are following proper procedure.

In this course, trainees will engage in interactive activities and learn how to use specific resources offered by We Card.

While it shouldn’t be regarded as the educational standard for how to properly check an ID, it is still a good way for employees to stay refreshed on correct practices if utilized once or twice a year. 

The Manager Training Course

Not only can employees benefit from regular ID checking training, but managers can also improve their role by taking the We Card Manager Training Course.

The manager, who sets the tone for how to properly conduct customer service within a retail business, can learn how to successfully train their employees on proper work procedure as it pertains to checking IDs.

By the end of the training, managers will be better equipped to coach and train their employees to do the right thing in difficult situations and deal with controversial outbursts from disgruntled customers, who may have had their card declined.

Option 2: We Card Resources

While the training courses We Card offers work to educate retail employees on proper ID checking procedures, it’s the resources that employees will utilize on a daily basis.

Therefore, having an understanding of how to use each resource in an advantageous manner can help employees eliminate some of the risks of miscalculating the age on a customer’s ID card.

While not every resource offered by We Card is necessary, they can all be helpful if used properly. Here are three common resources that We Card offers:

  • We Card Alcohol Calendar
  • We Card Age Checker
  • We Card Carding Tips

We Card Alcohol Calendar

At the least, if you don’t have an age verification scanner on site, it is good to have an age of purchase calendar available for employees to quickly reference when presented with an ID from a questionable customer.

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The We Card age verification calendar displays the exact cutoff date individuals must have been born by in order to purchase both tobacco and alcohol products.

This resource makes the job of retail employees easier and helps to fight against user miscalculations when dealing with age verification.

The downside here is you have to remember to update the calendar.

We Card Age Checker

While it will take slightly longer to do so, an alternative strategy for ensuring a customer is of a legal age is to type their date of birth into the We Card Age Calculator.

This tool will tell the employee a customer’s exact age, how old they must be to purchase tobacco, vapor or e-cigarettes, and alcohol within your state in an easy to understand format.

The problem is, most of the time they won’t have the time to do this at the register.

With just a few seconds to ring up the customer’s order, take their identification, take their payment, and provide their purchase, it’s unrealistic in most cases to think that your employees would implement this method.

Now to be fair, while it’s still not entirely mistake-proof, it is a more accurate method than eyeballing their age based on a calendar or sticker, so is another option you can explore to use in rare cases where it may be necessary to double-check.

We Card Carding Tips

Finally, a good free resource that We Card offers is their carding tips page, which addresses many of the day-to-day questions your retail employees may experience when dealing with ID cards.

These include:

This resource is a good training resource for new employees and a general resource for the rest of your team when they have a simple day to day question about checking IDs.

We Card: Final Assessment

The consequences that come along with selling to minor are strong enough to cripple your business, so if nothing else be sure to give your employees the proper training in order to stay compliant with FDA and state requirements as it pertains to retailer regulations.

However, if you’re serious about guaranteeing compliance and ensuring your business, the We Card system is not enough to eliminate your risk of selling to minors, because there’s always the element of human error present.

Bonus: We Card Resource Summary

Let us know where to send the summary that covers the options in this post you can print out and review.

Alternatively, implementing our age verification scanner will eliminate the risk entirely.

Get more information about the Minor Decliner system here, or feel free to give us a call at 888-310-4001 and we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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